A First For Me

I have fished nearly all my life and fly fished for around 37 years and today I manged a first for my self, I have never caught a wild brook trout, I know a few stillwater fisheries bred them and put them in their pools as a surprise for the angler, but WILD they must be one of the rarest tout in the UK, a friend of mine had been fishing for them and caught quite a few, so I asked if I could pick his brains on how to catch one for my self, he gave me a lot of good tips on what to try, so I woke up with a real sense of excitement only to be greeted with low cloud fine drizzle and you couldn’t see the hills from my house, if it was a spot of river fishing I would have most probably  done something else, but this was something different, when I arrived at the water the drizzle had stopped the low cloud had lifted, things were looking good, watching the water for a while it was like a mirror, nothing moving at all, so the tip I was given was to try a inter line and some small flies and work them back slowly, all tackled up and in went the first cast worked it back, a step a long the bank and a nother cast, then another step and cast, nothing I had been trying for around half an hour and nothing, the wind was getting up and a lovely ripple on the water, then I thought I heard a splash a little later I saw a fish splash on the surface a lot further down the bank, looking in the reeds and grass a long the water’s edge quite a few sedge were flitting about and crawling up the reeds, so I thought I would change tactic and get back to a floating line and some dries, a 20′ leader and a size 16 sedge was the way to go I thought, nothing was rising in casting distance so instead of charging around casting to rises I just popped out a couple of casts left it drift with the wind and then move along the bank around six feet and start again, after around ten minutes and out of no where a very splashy rise bingo I had one on, muttering to my self “please don’t come off, please don’t come off ” I had caught and netted my first ever brook trout, I was over the moon.

The wind got stronger and more fish were moving on the surface, I placed a cast just of the bank all that was out of the rod tip was the leader and around four feet of fly line and up came another fish with one of the most aggressive rises I have ever seen it made me jump, but the fish missed the fly, working the cast a little further from the bank another fish took the dry and  this time he wasn’t getting away, around the same size as the first fish, not big but I was very pleased as I carried on along the bank another three or four fish came to hand, all of a sudden the wind started to die I put a longer cast further out just on the edge of some ripple on the water and as it touched down what looked like a big fish nailed the dry, when I landed the fish it wasn’t that big, but the biggest I had landed, all the fish went like the clappers when you hooked them, the ripple had gone and it was like someone had said enoughs enough and the whole water died, I was so pleased with the couple of hours sport I had I called it a day as well.


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