First Impressions

Well the sun is shining, very rare here in Wales this year and the river is at an OK height even rarer, so its time to get my first impressions of what the Orvis Access 9′ 4# tip flex is like to fish with, walking along the river there is the odd fish rising, but can’t really see any insects in the air or on the water, so I thought the Access would make a lovely dry fly rod I would string it up with a 18′ tappered leader and a size 18 deer hair sedge,little bit of floatant on the dry and degreassed the tippet with some fullers earth to help it sink and foul the fish hopefully ! the water in front of me was quite shallow around knee depth at it’s deepest, I’m quite superstitious about new rods and like to catch on a new rod quickly, well it couldn’t get any quicker, just flicked the fly out around 15′ in front of me to work some line out and bang a nice little grayling around half a pound, the water was quite fast so the little fish put a good bend in the rod, un hooked and released and another fish came up around 25′ – 30′ from me, I placed a cast jut up in front of the fish the 4# turned over the leader perfectly into a down stream breeze and here we go again another small gralying and another, all in all around 12-14 smallish grayling and trout on the new rod, no need to be superstitious with this rod !!

So far of the Access rods that I have cast I have liked them all, must try a 6 or 7# so how far the line will fly, mind I haven’t fished with anything heavier than a 4# in a long time.

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