Orvis Access 9′ 4# Tip Flex

More presents just received a Orvis Access 9′ 4# tip flex in the post, for the money I’m really impressed with the value for money, very nicely finished and a joy to cast, as the weather in the UK at the moment is rain, rain and more rain I’m not sure when I will be able to go a place a dry fly with pin point accuracy to a rising fish, there is that much water in the rivers the fish will be keeping there heads down.

A quick play on the casting lawn and I’m very impressed short line casts no problem, I’m a short line fisherman really so distance doesn’t really come into it for me, but you have to don’t you !! with no problem or effort at all it casts as near as damn it is to swearing a full line, not what a 4# is made for and I’m sure if I played with it longer than five minutes there would be some backing going out as well.

So far with the Access rods I have cast and fished with have been spot on for my fishing/casting style, really impressed, as soon as I can get out fishing I will put some thing on my blog to let you know my thoughts.

What Orvis Say.

2⅜ oz. 9′, 4-piece, Tip -Flex Fly Rod for 4-wt. line.
Anglers love the 904 for a number of reasons, but versatility stands at the top. The Access Tip-Flex version of the 904-4 offers the delicacy of the four-weight line with the length and power to fish any large stream or river in the world. As with the Access 904-4 Mid Flex, the Tip Flex is built with our proprietary tapers and actions developed on Helios by our rod designers and the proof is in the casting. If you’re looking for that perfect big water trout rod with premium rod performance at an unbelievable price, cast both the Mid and Tip Flex and you’ll surely find the rod that fits you perfectly. The fly rod size of choice particularly for dry-fly fishing medium-sized to large rivers.


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2 responses to “Orvis Access 9′ 4# Tip Flex

  • Bruce Wright

    How do you like the 4 wt. Access tip flex throwing nymphs and weighted flies?

    • andrewcartwright123

      Hi Bruce.

      Are you thinking single fly or 2 or 3 flies?

      I tend to use the 9′ for for dries, my favourite rod is the 10′ 4# this is what I tend to use all the time, it fishes nymphs and heavy bug well and on those day in winter when you get a sprinkling of LDO or the likes it will also cast a dry without any problems, some of the longer rods I have tried are ok for nymphs and then awful for a dry.
      Do you fish with 10′ or are you more of a 9′ man?
      Kind Regards Andrew

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