Jungle Warfare

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I took Keith out for a day today we were supposed to be on the main river Severn, after all the rain water had run off and all was looking well the dam decided to start releasing water big time making the river un fishable, I thought I would take him to one of the tribs of the main river, when we got there Keith commented that we can’t fish in all these trees can we, well it was a lot more over grown than the last time I had been there, we found a more open area to perform Keith’s casting lesson and to be fair he picked up the basics up really quickly both forehand and backhand casting, very impressive.

We had a quick bite to eat and I set up a nymphing rig as yet again in this fantastic summer nothing was rising there was the odd olive coming off but nothing moving on the surface, I explained all the tactics, quick demo and Keith was fishing the first run was surrounded by trees but quite open, it looked lovely but not a touch, so we moved down stream into the jungle, really over grown but very fishy, the one good thing I explained to Keith was ” I dout if any one else had been here fly fishing” straight a way a fish took one of the nymphs but was gone as quickly, no problem your just learning, ten minutes later Keith’s first fish a small grayling, few more casts and a bigger grayling, things were looking up, then a cracking looking trout at the end of the run, we moved to another run with a small stream running in to the river which had scoured out a lovely gravel channel, Keith lifted the rod tip and another grayling was thrashing about as this was his first ever fishing experience he played it to hard and before I could explain to not pull so hard the fish and the flies parted company and the flies shot straight up a tree and were gone, as it was the end of the day we walked back to the car chatting about how the day had gone, I think Keith was going to be a new fly fisherman and the Welsh rivers.



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