At Last A Day On The River

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Today was the first time in around a week and a half the river was fishable, I had been booked By Debbie from Cardiff to teach her river fishing, she had fished small stillwaters a little but never a river, the forecast had been poor all week, so it was a case of passing emails back and forth, watching the weather, shall we , shan’t we, Debbie said what the hell let’s go for it, which was a good decision as the river dropped over night and was looking quite good the only fly in the ointment was the wind, blowing quite strongly from the east.

We went over set up quick look at Debbie’s casting which was quite good and I set Debbie up with a nymphing rig as we moved down the first run I explained how to read and fish the run, quite quickly a fish was on and gone, then as the flies lifted off the bottom a little willing trout took the point fly, a smallish fish but perfect, then we saw a flash at the nymphs a little bit of weight was felt on the line and gone again, then Debbie had another small trout, then a bigger fish which put a good account of its self, then in the next hour Debbie had two more good fish and another smaller trout, we thought we would try something different and give a dry a go, it wasn’t looking good for a dry and after around ten minutes it got even worse, the heaven opened and down came the rain, Debbie said she had a fantastic day and would leave it at that so we wandered back to the car in the rain, it almost came as a suprise as it was raining again as that’s all it seems to have done this year !!

message from Debbie.

Thank you for making my day so enjoyable and love the  pictures which will shortly be on there way to my hubby who will be very  jealous.
Hope to catch up in the near future.
Thanks again from a very happy new comer to river  fishing. All I can say is that I am hooked!!
Kind regards

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