What A Day

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I took Jeff out for a day on the river. When we first met, the weather was looking quite good.  First thing, there had been a hard frost, but it had melted quite quickly and the day was warming up, so it looked like we were going to have a nice day. When Jeff started fishing both grayling and trout came quickly to nymphs. Jeff lives in Colorado in the US and prefers to fish dry fly, so we thought we would give it a go. There were a few insects in the air but not a lot moving to them. As Jeff worked his way upstream it was a little slow, but then came up a little trout to a LDO imitation, then another, and by the time he had reached the top of the run he had caught around four on the dry, the cloud was building and it seemed to be getting colder.

We moved to another run and back to the nymphs, then our first shower of rain and a massive temp drop, but the fish were still feeding. Looking at the sky, it was getting darker and darker, not looking good I thought. Jeff said “whats that?”  I looked upstream and there was a large disturbance on the river’s surface, good heavens it was a waterspout! I have never seen one on the river before. When it came onto the shingle there was a large cracking sound and all the leaves shot up into the air !! Then we had our first thunder clap, I told Jeff to put the rod down for a few minutes, then the hail came down, churning the water surface up.  I must admit I thought that’s it, the fishing has had it, but after it stopped we carried on and  to my surprise the fish even kept coming, trout, grayling and then hail the size of large peas for another half an hour. We moved downstream and sheltered for a while, as the hailstorm stopped, the fish started rising all over the run so we went back to the dry, in around half an hour before we finished, another 3-4 fish were landed, great fishing, pants weather.



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