Proud as Punch

When I’m guiding I have amazing patience, when it comes to my own fishing not so good, when it comes to my little boy it sometimes gets worse, he has been fishing around 4-5 times and caught nothing, but is very keen to go, so I thought I would leave my rod at home and give him all my attention, the wind was very cold and blowing, so to make things easy I just put a dry grannom on for him, well he had three first in around 10 minutes, first fish he caught on his own, first fish on a dry fly and his first ever grayling, I was like a robin with his red breast all puffed up, proud as punch, then he missed another two, then bingo another small grayling, they might have been small, but will hopefully be the catalyst for the rest of his life.

Well done son keep it up.

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I'm a fly fishing Guide, guiding In all areas of south, mid and north Wales we cover all... areas, I'm also a registered and licensed fly and registered casting instructor so can help you out with any of you casting problems. View all posts by andrewcartwright123

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