They Said It Wasn’t Worth It

Jamie came for a day of learning how to set up for different styles of fly fishing, when he was in the local watering hole the night before and talking other fishermen, they asked him if he was going fishing on the dam, when he said no the river their expressions were “What a waste of time” yes the river is on its bones, frost first thing, then very warm sunshine and hardly a cloud in the sky, the river was crystal clear, so even I thought it might be a little on the hard side, but never say never.

We started off with knots, leader set up, the first technique we tried was Dou, nice LDO emerger pattern with a hares ear nymph under that, there was very little water with any flow, but we found one about 30 yards long that looked good, Jamie fish it through, I couldn’t see anything that he had done wrong, but nothing, oh dear the people in the pub could be right after all, we moved down stream a little deeper looking slow run with a large snag on the far side, I asked Jamie to cast up stream and let the flies drift back down stream along the snag, couple of runs through and a fish on and back off, around 10 more passes and the rod was bent over, Jamie said this a good fish, but I couldn’t see what it was, when I did see it, it was a very large grayling, when landed and measured it was 47cms a real nice fish, in the next half and hour or so another 2 – 3 fish came out of this deeper run, they were all grayling so we moved away to another area to leave them alone, we went back to where we had started and try a different method, this time spiders, Jamie had caught nothing in this run about an hour before, a quick demo of the method, I thought there should have been fish there when we fished it the first time, so over to Jamie, by the time he had fished this very short run another 3 – 4 fish were landed, just goes to show swapping methods can always pay dividends and the fish are always in the river what ever the weather.

Had an email from Jamie today saying he had his first days fishing on his own and what a day to have for your first, freezing cold snow coming down ( brave man) but he caught 4 fish in a few hours so he did really well, must be the amazing instruction he has recieved !!


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