The Old Ones Are Always The Best

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While out fishing today I could see in the run in front of me what I thought was a small shoal of grayling of around eight quite nice sized fish, on my first cast and about ten feet above them I hooked a fish os around 3/4 lb, which turned out to be a trout and decided to go crazy, as it charged about I could see the shapes which I thought were grayling were definitely fish as the small trout that I had hooked had spooked them, not good I thought, after releasing the trout, I waited 15 minutes to let things settle down and started again, running the flies through the fish after around ten passes through nothing, so I changed flies to quite small size 18 hares ear and ptn’s this time fish on, a nice grayling on the hare’s ear of around 42 cm, quick picture and back in the water, several runs through and several small grayling and the odd better one, but nothing on the ptn, so off with that and try something else and something else and something else but the fish still took the hare’s ear, I could see four better sized fish, but they wouldn’t look at my flies, when I looked in my box for something else to try, there was a fly that was always my number one fly, nick named the “International Secret ” ( as I hadn’t given it a name) by Mark McGee of Scotland as it had caught him his biggest ever grayling, it hadn’t really been working for me over the past year, but alway worth a go, I flicked the flies up stream of the bigger fish  that I could see in the run straight a way fish on, then another and another, these fish were all over 40+ cm and all on the International Secret, Presentation is the key to fly fishing, but the odd cracking pattern always helps !!

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