Skalka Hooks

Skalka Hooks

 I received some hooks from Jan Siman to try, called Skalka, I have tried loads of different hooks, some I really like and quite a lot I have been very disappointed with for many reasons and with some of them they weren’t even sharp, when the parcel arrived from Jan there was a very good variety of sizes and types, even some gold and red ones, the red ones looked very interesting as I hadn’t tried a red hook before my mind was racing with ideas for different fly patterns, looking at them under my fly tying mag light the eyes are all well formed and of a good size, especially for my old eyes and they are all sticky sharp, one nice thing on the jig hooks is they have a wide gape, some I have had I’m sure when the bead is put on the hook it is slightly masking the hook point, might be just me, but it didn’t give me much confidence. I spent an hour making some of my favourite grayling flies on the Skalka’s and a few new patterns to try the hooks out, as I had a lot on I couldn’t get out untill Sunday and that was only for 90 minutes while my daughter was at football, to say I was pleased was an under statement, around 9 good grayling around 2lb+ caught and only one lost, this fish was in really fast water and took at the end of the drift, then took off like a train so I wasn’t surprised it came off, I had to wait another couple of days before I could get out again, the river had dropped quite a lot so I would have to fish with a little more range, as I had a good day on Sunday I thought it might have been a little luck that the hooks had worked well, I had fished for around half and hour  on the Tuesday with just a couple of smaller fish, then I moved to a faster run, what a good run it was to nine fish caught smallest 42cm and the biggest 49cm, not one fish dropped off, even though the fish fought like they were on steroids and the run had a very fast pace. Only time will tell if the Skalka offer a major advantage, but in the two trip I have had with them, they have performed brilliantly.


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