What A 90 Minutes

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Posted quickly so I haven’t proofread it yet!!

It’s no secret that I’m not into football, so while the ladies of my family went to watch the ladies play footie, I thought I would try to play with a few ladies of my own, the weather was looking lovely at home and driving to the footie, but as I got on the river the wind was blowing quite strongly, I thought it would be a good time to try my new Helios, also some new grayling bugs ( well new to me ) that I had made with some Skalka hooks of Jan Siman, I couldn’t go fishing last week as the river were all very high, also things to do and people to see sort of week.
Into the first run the wind blowing straight down stream making it hard to see bites, I’m always a little superstitious when I have a new rod, I like to catch on it quickly, well it took around 15 minutes untill that superstition was put to bed, the braid indicator stopped dead and as I lifted the rod there was something pulling back on the other end, a grayling of 42cms and I did know it at the time, the smallest fish I was going to catch today, the rod worked well, the new grayling bug worked well and Jan’s hooks didn’t come un buttoned, great result, no more fish in this run but a very short but cracking looking run just down stream, so I crossed the river and looking at the run there are two lovely looking over hanging snags, first run through with the nymphs the indicator stopped but it wasn’t this that attracted my attention was a large dark shape that moved across the river bed, what a fantastic fish, 46cm and went like a train, landed, quick pic nd released, next run through the indicator stuttered, but nothing on the lift, two more passes and the indicator stopped dead where it had stuttered before, lift of the rod and here we go again, the grayling today seemed like they were on steroids, same as before landed, quick pic and released, couple more passes and the indicator stopped again, this grayling didn’t want to stay in Wales, you would have thought it was a salmon, I know it’s always the big one that gets away and it was a sick feeling when the hook pulled, but that was a very short memory, because in five more cast a 45cm fish was landed, by know just over an hour had passed so it’s time to start heading back to meet the family, about half a mile from where the cars parked walking along the river bank is another run that should hold a fish or three, well it didn’t just one, this time 44 cms.
What a cracking 90 minutes, sun shinning, new rod christened, all bar for one of my new bugs christened, new hooks worked well only one fish lost, I like day like this.


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