First Thoughts

Cadno Silk Fly Lines

I received a line from Stuart Tod to try, the one thing I always love with cane rods and silk lines is when you open the parcel, the smell is fantastic and something you don’t really get from plastic, looking at the box it is very well presented with a tub of floatant in side the box, these lines in comparison to other silk lines are very smooth from the off, most of the others i have used are, not rough, but have texture and get better the more they are used, Stuart sent me a straw coloured 5# DT line, so I thought I would spool it up straight away and give it a go, I put it on a Hardy Marquis that hadn’t got a line on it at the moment, it was a horrible day, mind we are in the middle of winter, blowing, raining and snow on the hills, I have a casting lawn at my house which is a little more sheltered than going down the river, so I gave it a go on there, trying to be careful not to put it down to many times on the grass, I wouldn’t want it picking up and dirt or grit, , five minutes trying short range casts 10′-20′ range, it performed perfectly, with some very nice loops, moving onto around 30′ which should load the 5# rod perfectly, it was very good with good feel, I would say the wind speed was gusting up to around 25 mph + and the line sailed into it no problem what so ever and laid out as straight as an arrow, with good turn over. I’m a river fisherman through and through, with the odd foray up into the mountains for the wild browns, so distance is never an issue and I also think you don’t really go and buy a silk line for casting to the horizon, but this line really shot out of the rod rings to a range that should keep anyone happy and again dead straight with good turn over, I really can’t wait to get some better weather and try the line with some rising trout and on a dry fly.

I will put some more information when I have fished with the line and given it a proper work out.


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