Italian Loom Woven Flies

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Terenzio is famous for his silk fly lines , he also makes woven bodied flies on a loom, here are some of his words and thoughts on his flies.

For me fly fishing should be done in the right way, but above all with the right equipment that is – the right rod, a silk fly line and the right flies for the river, for the time of day and the season. In fly fishing, it is fundamental to be astute – you need to win over the intelligence of the trout or any other fish and to do this you need to apply a few tricks: the fly line should have the colours of the surroundings to blend and to not spook the fish, the fly (equally important) must imitate the real one in colour shape and size. My flies have exactly those characteristics i.e. they look real and natural.

I’ve been tying them for 30 years and of course I use them. They have a distinct feature and some advantages: the hook is mobile under the hackles and this means that the weight is evenly distributed and so they float better and are not unbalanced like traditional flies. So the hackles support the hook and so the fly and the hook are two distinct things and each can adapt to the currents in the water. The hook in that position doesn’t act as a keel and so the fly moves better and the position also favours the setting of the hook in the trout’s mouth.
hook under cast connector
With my tying method, I manage to imitate nature almost to perfection right down to the finer details – I’m careful about colours and tying materials. I believe that an artificial fly is almost a work of art and so you need to have a certain artistic vein to tie good looking flies. With these works of art you are assured days or excellent fishing. With this I don’t mean that they should be used in all circumstances; fishermen should be free to use what they want, but I think that you should have at least a few of my flies in your fly box. They can always make the difference (perhaps when the trout has difficult tastes!!) The idea for my flies was born many years ago while fishing in the Volturno river with my father and my good friend Carmelo Cutri. Carmelo noticed that the trout were rising to the cast connector and also on the knots of the leader.

In those days the local fishermen, us included, needed to catch and bring home as much fish as possible (thankfully this has all changed now). We thought it would be a good idea to tie hooks into the knots and into the cast connector and effectively it was very successful. In truth, discussing these things with other fishermen at shows and events, I found out that others had noted this phenomenon too. So the cast connector and the leader knots were for me fundamental in leading to the creation of the fly I’m tying today. Of course I elaborated on the evolution of the theme and from the knots I got the idea to weave the threads.

You can read more about Terenzio’s flies and see the loom and dvd he has produced on his web site



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