All I Want Today Is !!

Bit of a misty grey old day today, but I had arranged to meet my good friend Mick (we used to fish together a lot, but over the last 18 months, we hadn’t really bumped into each other much bar for the odd clay shooting day) . Anyway, the river had a little colour in it and the air temp wasn’t the warmest it’s ever been but Mick must have forgotten what it’s like to go grayling fishing at this time of year, too much time spent after the salmon, one pair of socks, no thermals, someone was going to be a little chilly.
Mick had first pick on where to fish whch was rather nice looking, so I thought I would try a little further upstream. Looking at the run it was quite pacey, so I thought I would start with a sort of heavy, buggy sort of French nymphing, Tungsten bead nymph on the point and two bobesh type patterns on the droppers. As I worked my way down the run there was one very small grayling to the top dropper. Just on the other side of the creasse I was fishing was a nice slower back eddie. I flicked the flies into it and straight away there was a bite, it was a trout of around 3/4 lb which I quickly released and tried again. On the next cast I got another trout, then another. In about seven casts I had five trout, to be honest the whole of the run was alive with trout and all coming to a SP nymph. Then, at last a grayling, not very big around 3/4 lb. As I worked my way down the run I’m not sure how many fish I caught, but around 12 grayling and a hell of a lot more trout as the river was alive with them. I walked down to see how Mick was getting on, he was already on the river bank, saying how cold his feet were, thought they might have been.
So we decided to have a walk and warm up a little. We walked around half a mile upstream, there were a lot of interesting looking runs and glides. Mick had first choice and went upstream a little further to a log glide. There was a little bit of pace at the top of the run so I put on a lighter point fly and carried on in the same fashion as before, but it didn’t seem to be working as well as before. I did catch four fish, but I thought it should be better than that, so I went back to the top of run and swapped over to trio. The nymphs I had on the trio set up were the same as the french nymphing rig, what a difference, I seemed to pick up fish straight away. I think it was because the flies were drifting throught the water and the presentation was much better. I do Trio a bit like French nymphing, long leader to the dry, movable as always, then the two nymphs off that, around twenty foot in all. I was really gutted I dropped two fish, which seemed to be good lumps, I checked the hook points but all seemed fine, I was gutted but more determined to get a a good one. Well the best fish of the day couldn’t have come at a better time as Mick just appeared on the bank behind me, when I finally got it in the net, a quick pic and a measure and back in the water, it was a cracker at 48cms. I said to Mick “I’m happy now, that will do for me today” and I left it at that, Mick’s feet were frozen so we decided to get something to eat and call it a day, great company and a really good day.

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