Why Do We Do It

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Looked at the forecast last night, freezing temps, wind, rain or snow! I thought to myself, I like fishing but perhaps not that much, it was an evening of shall I shan’t I, best to wait until I opened the curtains in the morning.

When I got up and looked out it didn’t look too bad, bit of a frost, no rain or snow at the moment, lets give it a go. As it hadn’t rained all week, I thought I would possibly try my 10′ 3# and fish on the lighter side. I put all my cold weather gear on and off to go and have a look at my friend Bill’s stretch of river that runs through his farm. Where has all the water gone, was my first thought. Last week the rivers were nearly unfishable, now they are on their bones, lots of ice along the edges of the water always puts a slight shiver down your spine, oh well let’s get on with it. I rigged my rod up and worked my way into the first run, working my way through it there was a good flow and some deeper pockets in the river bed, it looked spot on. After around 10 minutes and nothing coming to any of the flies I thought it a little strange. There was a large overhanging tree at the end of the run that looked a good fish holding spot, first fish on a grayling of around 8-10″ well it’s not going to be a blank but not quite what I was looking for. As this run finished, it went round a corner and into a long flat glide around 200 yards long with bushes and cover along both sides of the bank. Working my way down it quietly and covering all the water things started looking up, bang a trout on around a pound, then another and another, I don’t want trout ! whats going on ! They seem to love my graying bugs, I’m not 100% sure I think I had 8-10 trout before the first grayling came to the net, quite a nice 42cm fish, then another one similar size. By the time I had reached the end of the glide I think I had caught around another 15 -20 fish. They weren’t all in one area but nicely spaced out in the whole of the glide. Still a lot of trout coming to the flies so I thought I would go back to the top of this glide and give it another try. The one thing I did differently was went over to the dark side, no bright grayling flies darker coloured bugs and nymphs. As I started back down the glide I caught another nice grayling around 40 cm, then 7 trout in 6 casts, then more grayling, it was amazing, 10 -15 fish around or over 40cms, heaven knows how many smaller trout and grayling in an amazing four hours.

By this time Bill had wandered down to see how I was doing and to see if hypothermia had set in yet. I told him I was really pleased and how many fish I thought I had caught, because by now I really hadn’t got a clue how many I’d had and I can’t wait to fish it in the summer, on a nice warm evening. The one other thing that’s a little strange is Bill owns this cracking bit of water and has no interest in fishing !!

Days like this when you catch so many fish when it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a good day, is why we do it.


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