Daily Archives: January 29, 2012

One of my Favourite Pieces Of Kit

This is one of my favourite bits of kit, I know a lot of people who carry two rods with them, I tried it for a while and couldn’t stand it, that’s just me. I prefer the rig box, I have on my rig winders a set up for Czech nymphing, French nymphing, dry fly and any thing else I fancy, I’m quite lazy when it comes to my own fishing sometimes instead of changing from one set up to another, I would move to another piece of water that my set up suited, with the rig box I can change from one set up to another in 2 minutes, another great thing on those super cold grayling days you can sort your leaders in the warm at home and have them ready in the box, a lot easier to swap one knot with freezing fingers, than a complete leader.

Winter Walk

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Not fishing today but there again, looking at places to fish in the future, those plans you make for the coming year. On Sundays there is nothing I like more than a nice family day out walking in the hills and valleys around where we live.
Strangely, most of our walks end up around rivers, streams and a lake on top of some hill somewhere, don’t know why this is, but I always enjoy it ! Tody we went south of caersws for a walk, it was quite frosty with some mist hanging around the hills. As we parked up, there was the odd small flake of snow coming down. Wrap up warm and there is nothing nicer, our plan, erm my plan was to walk a small trout stream to look at runs and pools for the coming trout season. I have walked this stream many times and still haven’t fished it yet, it’s on my to do list, hopefully this year. A very interesting stream with a lot of large rocks, bed rock, fast flowing gutters, riffles and deep pools. As we walked and talked I could just imagine being there in the summer months with a cane rod and silk line, flicking dries or small nymphs through the runs. I would have thought the fish would have been quite small, but where there are small ones there can always be bigger ones, also there are signs of otters on the bank sides so there must be something in this stream.
Hopefully this one will get ticked off my to do list this and I can show you some pictures of beautiful spotted brown trout.